About Central Qualifications

Who are we?

Central Qualifications (CQ) is a nationally recognised awarding organisation, for the veterinary and animal related industries. Our fresh way of thinking means that the qualifications offered, are not only innovative and flexible but have been designed to improve how learners and Centres undertake them. CQ is dedicated in providing high standards of vocational learning.

What do we offer?

At CQ, we offer a range of modern and comprehensive qualifications which provide learners with the skills, knowledge and practical competencies needed to advance their careers. We offer flexible learning options, so both Centres and learners know that there is a qualification to suit every need.

How do we offer it?

All qualifications are created by CQ and delivered via a network of Colleges, private training providers and employers. Approval to provide CQ qualifications will focus on the relevant resources being in place to deliver the qualification and we will work with you to ensure that high standards of quality assurance and delivery are maintained.