Diploma in Animal Nursing (DipAN)

The Diploma in Animal Nursing is a Level 2 qualification designed to prepare and support those who wish to pursue a career as an animal nurse.

This programme can be undertaken as part of a full or part-time course and comprises a balance of practice-based learning and theoretical teaching. Clinical placement in an approved training practice is essential to enable learners to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to practice veterinary nursing safely and competently.

As well as acquiring the knowledge required to practice as an animal nurse, the DipAN™ enables learners to obtain a range of practical skills; such as, client care and managing working relationships.

The programme allows flexibility for Centres to use different training styles and structures, and provides additional helpful details for learners and facilitators looking for further guidance.

CQ procedures also ensure that quality assurance is robustly monitored and enforced within all qualifications and delivery methods.

Animal nurses are well-placed to go on to study for the Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (Small Animal/Equine).